Professional Feldenkrais Practitioner Training

Professional Training Classes

The Feldenkrais Movement Institute is the most experienced training organization in the world for the FELDENKRAIS METHOD®. Each training program is developed by Frank Wildman, Ph.D., and taught by the most inspiring instructors in the field today. The program is open to both professionals and non-professionals. Our Feldenkrais Training Program teaches all students how thoughts, feelings and actions are fundamental to neuromuscular control and bio mechanical efficiency. You'll learn how to relieve pressure and strain on joints and muscles while improving coordination and quality of motion. Students will learn through movement while achieving greater control and performance in their own lives.

Topics of study include:

  • Bio mechanics (the study of human structure and function)
  • Communications Science
  • Dynamic Systems Theory
  • Engineering and Physics
  • Motor Learning and Action
  • Theories Movement and Language Acquisition
  • Creativity Study
  • Martial Arts and Dance

A successful Feldenkrais practitioner must be able to nurture a deep rapport with clients. This elusive quality is a key part of our program. It promises you intrigue, stimulation and lasting reward. The advantage of such a program includes the personal satisfaction of helping others while learning patterns of “breakthroughs” for even the most persistent of client problems.

Call for information about our training courses (800) 342-3424

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