Feldenkrais Practitioner Training

Training Program Format

A new US 4-year program, in Oregon, is beginning Fall 2010... The entire program lasts 4 curriculum years, 40 days per curriculum year, and will take three calendar years to complete (each curriculum year lasts nine months). The coursework offers a profound and pleasurable learning experience. You'll balance your time between intense study and periods to assimilate the depth of information. Classes are woven together in an experiential and exploratory manner. Hands-on lessons, lectures, discussion groups, reading and dvds will help guide you to learn at your own pace in a non-competitive environment.

Curriculum and Learning Strategy
ATM class

AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® (ATM) consists of hundreds of lessons that cover every joint and muscle group in the body, recapturing the organic learning processes of childhood. They are done in a group setting with other students. Many of these lessons were devised by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais himself. Others are specially designed by teaching faculty to illustrate particular movement concepts. The lessons are balanced with lectures, demonstrations and discussions.

FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION® (FI) is a systematic approach of working “hands-on” with another individual to address specific neurological or muscular problems. Students receive personalized private instruction and supervision from staff as they develop their own skills to work with others. In the final year, a clinic allows students to perform FI lessons under supervision while receiving detailed feedback.
FI lesson

The teachings of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais are extensively utilized including many of his lectures on videotape. The ATM classes and Dr. Feldenkrais's most interesting FI lessons are closely examined and discussed in order to focus upon key principles and theories.

All discussions, lessons and demonstrations videotaped and made available to students. These daily recordings provide an indispensable means of study. They also facilitate make-up sessions in the case of absence. The video tapes also serve as a record of the student's progress and enable review of one's physical transformation. Transcribed manuals and commentary from lessons and lectures offer added clarity.

In addition to interaction with instructors, students work in small groups to maximize teaching and understand handling of different individuals. Study groups occur in a highly personalized manner for greater understanding of interactions. The groups promote invaluable relationships among participants and a sense of mutual support or home away from home. It is from these study groups that many lifelong colleagues and friends can be established.

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