Feldenkrais Practitioner Training
Tuition, Fees, Housing and Enrollment

Tuition runs approximately $4,200 per curriculum year. The exact cost may vary according to the particular location of the training program. Housing
Housing information is provided to applicants upon enrollment. There are many housing options that range in cost, location and type of accommodation. Housing listings are mailed to enrollees with ample time to make necessary arrangements. Maps of the area and public transportation information are also provided.

Call the office for an enrollment package or download the APPLICATION now. Print and fill out the application following the instructions. Then mail or fax it to:

(510) 527-2634 or (800) 342-3424 • Fax (510) 528-1338

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. Upon acceptance into the program, a $500 deposit is required to confirm your enrollment. The application fee and deposit are both applied to the tuition of the first session. Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or by personal check. All applications are reviewed prior to acceptance by the Administrative Director and Dr. Frank Wildman, Educational Director. Primary emphasis is placed on an applicant's motivation for personal development and career goals. There is no education prerequisite or existing professional background required Therefore, your overall profile will be taken into consideration. A telephone interview may be requested of some applicants. The Feldenkrais Movement Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of the Feldenkrais Method® worldwide, having trained more certified practitioners around the world than any other since 1985. Our Training Programs are accredited by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

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Post Graduate Training

Upon successful completion of the training program, an apprenticeship system is available to graduates through a network of experienced practitioners in the United States. Study groups are often conducted in collaboration with regional committees or similar approved by the FELDENKRAIS GUILD. Graduates of the Feldenkrais Movement Institute program are given professional courtesy to participate in such continuing education.

Professional Practice

The FELDENKRAIS professional training program offered by the FELDENKRAIS MOVEMENT INSTITUTE provides a theoretical and technical background for study that relates to virtually every discipline taught in major universities and teaching institutions. Due to the great versatility and significance in people's lives, including rehabilitation, performance development and improving self-awareness, graduates are able to select from a variety of career opportunities.

After graduation, many students have applied their education to such fields as physical therapy, occupational therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation, gerontology, childhood special education, massage therapy, psychotherapy, speech pathology, sports training, dance, music, performing arts and more. During training, students evolve from trainees into practitioners. Graduates have experienced many opportunities to learn skills related to the workplace and development of their own practice. Graduates are able to generate and utilize research data pertinent to the FELDENKRAIS METHOD. They are capable of approaching people within their own communities to introduce applications for ATM and FI. They also posses the knowledge and skills to offer lessons to special audiences. Practitioners are able to experience both professional and personal rewards only limited by their own dedication to growth and development.

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    1. The Feldenkrais Professional Training Program is not intended to provide medical rehabilitation or psychiatric treatment for enrollees, nor is it intended to replace training in those fields.
    2. Training programs may be subject to cancellation in cases of insufficient enrollment, faculty availability or facilities. In the case of faculty or location changes, enrollees will be notified at least 30 days in advance and given the option for refund.
    3. The Feldenkrais Professional Training Program offered by the FELDENKRAIS MOVEMENT INSTITUTE satisfies the requirements for accreditation by the FELDENKRAIS GUILD. However, laws of a given country or state may vary in regard to the use and applications of movement lessons and/or hands-on procedures taught in the program. There may be additional requirements to practice in your state or country and some form of licensing may be required to teach AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT and perform FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION. The program may provide you with many or all of the state requirements. Any additional requirements beyond the scope of the course are the responsibility of the applicant or student.

The Italian program is accredited by the EuroTab. North American programs accredited by the North American Tab. The Kyoto program is accredited by the AstroAsian TAB.

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